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http://guru42.net/ Geek Think Tom Peracchio's personal news portal
http://guru42.com/ The Universe starts here with a discussion of the power and responsibility of using the internet.
http://guru42.org/ Geek Think Tom Peracchio's small business and technology blog
http://computerguru.net/ Learn computer networking basics and system administration
http://smarttechnology.info/ Learn Website Design and Content Management Systems
http://geekhistory.com/ Technology History: We explore when visions became reality
http://www.geeknewsportal.com/ Looking for technology news?
http://tom.peracchio.com/ Computer Networking Systems Administrator and Geek History Enthusiast
http://www.alteredautomotive.com/Exploring automotive innovation and invention
http://terrahab.com/ Terrahab - The Survivors shall inherit the Earth
http://philosophyguru.org/ Drupal Playground
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